Finishing the Work with a Bequest

The son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers, Price Gwynn’s long history of church service dated to his family’s residency on Union’s campus in 1926. In 1990, he was elected Moderator of the 202nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church. Gwynn played a significant role in the creation of Union’s Charlotte campus.

Price Gwynn continues to be loyal and committed to Union Presbyterian Seminary serving as Honorary Chair of the Charlotte branch of Union’s capital campaign. He noted in a recent letter, “The three -year residency model is our primary path to the M.Div. or MACE degree. Many of the brightest and best cannot accommodate to that format. We now have in Charlotte an alternate track, not to compete with the original but to augment and enrich our selection pool. We call it a new paradigm.”

Gwynn praised the campaign as it nears its goal. “ Each of us has four options: a cash gift, a pledge, an end of life bequest or some combination of the above. As a 92-year-old cancer survivor with a life expectancy of 27 months, I’m not making many long-term commitments. A bequest is the answer for me and I’ve done that. Union is in my will. I’m asking you to join me. Together we can “finish the work.”